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Benefits of using Microsoft Access

What are you looking for?

Here are the top 10 ways Office Access 2007 can help you (as taken from the Microsoft website).

1. Get better results faster with the Office Fluent user interface.

The 2007 version provides a completely new experience with the Office Fluent user interface, new navigation pane, and tabbed window views. Even with no database experience, any user can start tracking information and creating reports to make more informed decisions.

2. Get started quickly using prebuilt solutions.

With a rich library of prebuilt solutions, you can start tracking your information immediately. Forms and reports are already built for your convenience, but you can easily customize them to meet your business needs. Contacts, issue tracking, project tracking, and asset tracking are only few of the out-of-the-box solutions included in Office Access 2007.

3. Create multiple reports with different views of the same information.

Creating a report is truly a “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) experience. You can modify a report with real-time visual feedback and save various views for different audiences. The new grouping pane and filtering and sorting capabilities help you display the information so you can make more informed business decisions. .

4. Create tables quickly without worrying about database complexity.

With automatic data type detection, table creation in Office Access 2007 is as easy as working with a Microsoft Office Excel table. Type your information and Office Access 2007 will recognize whether it is a date, currency, or another common data type. You can even paste an entire Excel table into Office Access 2007 to begin tracking the information with the power of a database.

5. Enjoy new field types for even richer scenarios.

This new version enables new field types such as attachments and multivalue fields. You can now attach any document, image, or spreadsheet to any record in your application. With the multivalue field, you can now select more than one value (for example, assign a task to more than one person) in each cell.

6. Collect and update your information directly from the source.

With 2007, you can create forms using Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 or HTML to gather information for your database. You can then send this form to your teammates via e-mail and use their responses to populate and update your Access table to eliminate the need to retype any information.

7. Share your information with Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services.

Share your Access information with the rest of your team using Windows SharePoint Services and Office Access 2007. With the power of both applications, your teammates can access and edit the data and view real-time reports directly through a Web interface.

8. Track Windows SharePoint Services lists with the rich client capabilities of Office Access 2007.

Use Access 2007 as your rich client interface to analyze and create reports from Windows SharePoint Services lists. You can even take the list offline, and then synchronize any changes when you reconnect to the network, making it easy for you to work with your data at any time.

9. Move data to Windows SharePoint Services for better manageability.

Make your data more transparent by moving it to Windows SharePoint Services. This way, you can routinely back up the data on the server, recover deleted data from the recycle bin, track revision history, and set access permissions, so you can better manage your information.

10. Access and use information from multiple sources.

With Office Access 2007, you can link tables to your database from other Access databases, Excel spreadsheets, Windows SharePoint Services sites, ODBC data sources, Microsoft SQL Server databases, and other data sources. You can then use these linked tables to easily create reports so you can base your decisions on a more comprehensive set of information.

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Download Access Run-time

Use the Download link below to download and install Access 2003 run-time. Alternatively you can download Access 2007 run-time from the Microsoft website.

  1. Please click the Download button and then select Run from the File Download window.
    Download Microsoft Access 2003 runtime
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to install Access 2003 run-time.

Please note that you should not install a run-time version of Access if you already have a full version installed as they may conflict. Software-Matters takes no responsibility for the contents of third-party websites.

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