What makes Software-Matters the right choice for you?

We deliver...

...user-friendly software that does exactly what you need it to.

We believe in...

At Software-Matters we always aim to give straightforward and honest advice. If we think something, including our own service, is not right for you then we will tell you and suggest whatever we can to help. If you do choose to use our services, you will find that our quoted price is the maximum you will pay; in fact if the work takes us less time than we expected it to, we will charge you less than the figure we quoted.

We want you to continue to use our services because you want to, not because you have to. We will always give you the full source files for your system, so that you can continue working on the system in-house or with another developer if you want to. Unlike many others we won't tie you into annual contracts or charge licence fees. We just provide help and support as and when you want it. And we will always endeavour to minimise the time, and therefore cost, of what we are doing.

...giving you the best solution for your deadline and budget
You know how much you can spend on a system and when you need it done by; our job is to work to design the best possible solution within your parameters. Our turnaround times are often shorter than you might expect - once we have the go-ahead for a project we would typically be ready to deliver it to you in a few weeks. For small, support items we often provide you with a solution within a day. Additionally we work to provide solutions using tools you already have on your computer, like Microsoft Office, to make everything fast and familiar to use and to avoid unneeded expense on your part.

...keeping things simple
We create all sizes of systems, but however large the system we always look for a solution that is as simple as possible. Not only will this make sure it is easy to use, but it also makes the solution cheaper to develop in the first place, and quicker and easier to maintain and evolve later. We will always recommend a simpler solution if you ask for something that we think is more expensive than you need.

...looking after our customers
We care about doing what’s best for your business. If you have a problem we either help or if we can’t we point you to someone who can. Our customers appreciate our services so much that most of our projects at any given time are for returning clients, either evolving their bespoke system or creating a new one. And we are always there to provide on-going advice and support as and when needed. We are committed to optimising the business operations of all of our clients to bring them greater success in the marketplace, and to enable them to work as efficiently as possible, reducing their workload to a minimum and making their life better.

...looking after our staff
We believe in work-life balance - working hard when we are at work, and going home and enjoying our friends and family when we are not. This way our team can always perform at a high standard and concentrate on helping you and your business. We try to ensure that our staff are constantly improving and keeping on top of new skills and techniques so you can always expect the best available solution. And if you have something novel you need us to handle, we can quickly familiarise ourselves with it and make sure that we perform with the same level of expertise as any routine work.

...looking after the environment
Even a knowledge-based business like ours has an environmental impact; an impact that we actively try to minimise. Wherever possible we will use email, telephone, remote computer access and video conferencing to conduct business, minimising the amount of travel required for us and our clients. Of course this makes everything cheaper and more convenient for both sides too. We also generate electricity, the main resource we consume, on-site via an array of solar panels.

We believe that these intangibles are what make us who we are and make us different.

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