Accounts Guardian F.A.Q.

The Accounts Guardian software package has been designed to be easy to understand and use. We feel users should require little or no support as Accounts Guardian requires little or no knowledge of bookkeeping or keeping accounts. We welcome your questions and comments and are happy to share in this section the most common questions we are asked.

Is Accounts Guardian really free?

Yes it is. You can download a fully-functioning version of Accounts Guardian simply by clicking here.

What do I need to run Accounts Guardian?

Accounts Guardian is designed to work in Microsoft Access 2003, but will work in later versions. If you do not have Microsoft Access you can download Access Run-time for free which will allow you to run Accounts Guardian. Follow this link to download Access Run-time.

What will it do for me?

Accounts Guardian will help you take care of the book-keeping for your business, tracking the money coming in and going out. It will help you keep track of the bills you need to pay, and the customers who owe you money.  It will store contact details for suppliers and customers.

How will it save me money?

Accounts Guardian can save you money by saving your time, and probably your accountant’s time. It helps you to keep all your accounts details clear, up-to-date and easily accessible so that you can see your financial position at a glance whenever you need to.  Preparing your end of year accounts is much quicker when you have all the details at your fingertips.

Do I need any accountancy knowledge to use Accounts Guardian?

No, the package has been designed to be used by anyone, with or without an accountancy background.

What else can Accounts Guardian be expanded to do?

Accounts Guardian is set up for the book-keeping side of your business.  Software-Matters can expand it for you into other areas of your business as suits your needs.  For example, if you buy and sell stock you might want to incorporate purchase orders, stock control and sales.  As it already has records of your customers and some of your sales information, this will readily integrate with what is currently there.  And you will end up with a tool that is customised to exactly suit the way that you run your business.
If you are a service business, maybe your customers follow a fixed process with you with known milestones along the way.  Your system could be expanded to incorporate this milestone information and provide you with reminders, to do lists and performance reports as appropriate.
The reality is that Accounts Guardian can be expanded to do almost anything!  Just contact Software-Matters for a free initial discussion to find out what is possible and the likely cost.

How do I find instructions on how to use Accounts Guardian?

The user instructions are written in plain English with step-by-step instructions on how to carry out the normal tasks required to keep your books.  A contents list of headings appears at the top of the screen to help you find the section you need.  Otherwise you can use the in-built find facility to look for key words within the screen.  To do this press Ctrl+F to activate the Find screen.

To visit the user instructions page follow this link - User Instructions.

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