Microsoft Access and Excel Projects Round-up 2019

Here is a summary of some of the work we have been doing during 2019 across the 60 or so customers we have worked with during the year.

We've divided the list into types of system to give you a flavour of the sort of things we help customers with:

Enquiries/CRM and Sales/Order Processing and Invoicing

Ashley Blinds & Curtains - New system replacing an old Microsoft Works database. For logging enquiries and orders, progressing orders and analysing via marketing and sales reports. They are based in Poole, Dorset, UK.

Corbett Keeling - on-going support and additions to an old CRM system built in Access 2003 and with extensive integration with Outlook. We are now in the process of producing the design for a new version of the system, re-vamped, simplified and created for Office 365. They are based in London, UK.

GP Acoustics - changes and additions to a system we created in 2015 for managing a staged order fulfilment process, including automatic email triggers via Outlook. They are based in Ipswich, UK.

Haysom Purbeck Stone - New system for logging enquiries and orders, progressing orders, delivery notes and invoicing, include a Sage export. They are a stone quarry based near Swanage in Dorset, UK.

CRM Database

Riviera Hot Tubs - New system for logging enquiries, tracking orders, service history and basic stock tracking/management. They are based in Devon, UK.

UK Chess Challenge - New system currently at the design stage for a business that organises chess tournaments for children. Includes contact details for parents, players, volunteers and officials; bookings and results. The system will link with their Woosage website. They are based in Cheshire, UK.

Vale Coaches Tours & Private Hire - New system replacing an old Lotus Approach database, including data transfer. The system is for logging tours and excursions and their bookings. They are based in Dorset, UK.

John Pipe International - Add new sections to an existing system we created in 1998, which has evolved over the years. The system is fundamentally for job costing, but now also covers a quote register, contract review process, job management, time recording, invoicing and includes links to Sage. They are a specialist packaging company based in Poole, Dorset, UK.

Stock Management with Sales and Purchasing, Pricing and Data Imports

Stock Management Re-order List

Beezer - Manufacturers and designers of schoolwear and sportswear. We have been improving and adding to a basic system created by someone else for managing purchasing, sales and stock of clothing lines. They are based in Leicester, UK.

International Cards and Gifts - This is a large Access system created by another company but supported, maintained and added to by us for several years. The system covers customers, orders, purchasing, stock, delivery notes, invoicing (with export to Sage), sales commissions, royalties, and lots more. We add new features as the company evolves and grows. The company design and make greetings cards. They are based in Ferndown, Dorset, UK.

Stock Management Products

Netmart - A distributor of data and voice cabling products. This is the first phase of a new system to help them manage their business. Phase 1 is for pricing. The company supply thousands of products and need a way to price them competitively to their different types of customer. The system enables them to rationalise the task and bring in some consistency without restricting the sales force too much. It covers supplier pricing, selling price calculations and quotations. They are based in Wiltshire, UK.

Westminster Wire - We took over supporting this Access system, which links extensively to Sage, in 2013. It manages sales orders, call-offs and stock of their specialist retail stand manufacture and supply. This year we have been working on integrating parts of the system with Woosage. They are based in Dorset, UK.

UK Labels - This is a system we took over in 2011. The system links with 2 separate Magento websites, for managing order processing for 2 separate companies and copes with supplying as a 3rd party. This year the company have upgraded their versions of Magento, and so we have updated the links to cope. They are based in Wolverhampton, UK.

Certification/Equipment and Asset Tracking

Certificate created in Access Database Certification and Asset Tracking

Breathe Safety - We have created 2 new Access database systems for this company, based in Ferndown, Dorset, UK. For their training business, the new system records certified training provided to customers' employees, and includes renewal reminders. For their equipment testing business, the new system allows operatives in the field to certify equipment by running pre-agreed testing sequences and recording the results. It also includes renewal reminders. As internet access is not available at most testing locations, the system uses SharePoint as Cloud data storage and includes synchronisation routines to collect and control data from testing carried out at customer sites.

RGG Calibration Services - On-going support and modifications to a system we created in 2018 for recording and tracking certification of client equipment. They are based in Cumbria, UK.

National Centre for Circus Arts - Work to enable an existing system created by someone else to be used on Windows tablets for recording equipment inspections. They are based in London, UK.

Lincolnshire Community Health Services- This is a system we created in 2017 for an NHS department assessing patient needs and loaning assistive technology equipment to patients to enable them to cope with medical conditions. The system keeps track of assets (equipment), loans, servicing/testing, patients and referrals and extensive KPI (key performance indicator) reporting. This year we have added new reminders, included new fields to accommodate new reporting requirements, linked Patients to schools/colleges where applicable, included some details relating to the new data protection rules, and added features to prevent erroneous data entry. They are based in Lincoln, UK.


List of Customers that need Servicing

Ace Plumbing/Ace Energy - on-going support and small additions to an existing system we created in 2005. This system contains customer details, job details, job costing and invoicing - including linking to Sage, parts lists, time recording, etc. They are based in Shaftesbury and Bournemouth, Dorset, UK.

Kent Domestic Burners - rationalising, tidying and improving an existing Access database system created by someone else and inherited when the current owner purchased the business. This system contains details of customers, their boilers and other related equipment, and service history. We simplified and streamlined the screens to be more user-friendly and removed redundant areas. We also added an export of invoices for Sage. They are based in Kent, UK.

P R Elford - support and small additions to an existing system we created in 2014. This system is primarily for managing servicing of boilers. It includes Customer details and service history, with reminders and linked letters/emails. They are also looking to incorporate a diary system within it. They are based in Dorchester, Dorset, UK.


Arjobex UK - This is on-going support of a system we created in 2009 for quality control, downtime reporting and stock management during a manufacturing process making reels of artificial papers. They are based in Essex, UK.

Manufacturing and Inventory Daily Production Report for Manufacturing Database

Arjobex America - This US sister site of the UK company took on the UK system in 2012 and then we modified it extensively for them to including handling of the processing that they carry out at this site. The processing includes coating, slitting and sheeting rolls of artificial paper. It includes full traceability of each roll of sheet of material supplied to customers through the various processes. They are based in North Carolina, USA. This year we have altered the system to accommodate a change to their sheeting process.


Excel Rota for Bookings Database

Aurora Options - Large add-on to an existing Access database system that we created a few years ago. The system is for creating rotas for care provision. This add-on enables the rotas to be created in Excel and then imported into the database for analysis and reporting. They are based in London, UK.

Chai Cancer Care - This is an extensive Access database system that we took over working on in 2016. It allows logging of client details, patient history, therapist diaries, reporting and includes links with Outlook and SMS. This year we have been adding new features and evolving the system to better match how the organisation now works. They are based in North London with sites around the UK.

United Church, Dorchester - This is a new database system for recording and managing room bookings and associated documentation/paperwork. They are based in Dorset, UK.

Property/Asset Management

BOC Logo

BOC - We look after 2 systems for this gas supply company, both of which were created by others. One system is for managing BOC properties/estates. The other is a pipelines database recording land ownership and interests (wayleaves and easements) along the pipelines. We took over both systems in 2016. They are based in Guildford, Surrey, UK.

Data Processing and SQL Reporting

Bong Logo

Bong UK - This is a system we started supporting in 2015. It is an Access database that extracts and analyses data from a large, corporate SQL-based database. This year we have been modifying the system to streamline its processes and cope with significant changes in the corporate source data system. They are based in Milton Keynes, UK.

Project Management

Savills Logo

Savills and Savills Telecom - We have been creating and supporting systems for Savills since 1998. Most of the systems relate to large contracts Savills have with mobile phone or utility companies to negotiate agreements for masts or infrastructure, or for carrying out works. The systems record contact details, project details, and include proactive milestone recording. Some also link with geographic information systems (GIS), which we have created alongside. This year we have added to systems for managing their projects with SSE, Arqiva, the Home Office and for Savills Energy to manage their billing. Savills have offices all around the UK, though we have recently worked with teams in Cardiff, Dorset and Wiltshire.

Case Management/Compliance/Accounting

Security Bonds - This is a new system currently in the design stage relating to insurance bonds for deputies, attorneys and appointees. The system will keep track of bond applications, applicant details, sums insured, invoicing and payments, etc. The business is based in Bournemouth, Dorset, UK.

Print Companies

Print Software Worka-B Job Bag

We provide some off-the-shelf software for the print industry. This is a selection of the customers for this product:

All of these companies use our software for estimating, jobs, order acknowledgements, invoices, delivery notes and reporting. We support all the customers as needed, and update the system with new features each year.

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