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Here are some examples of the sorts of work we have done with our customers across a variety of system integration projects where we have output information from a database into a format that another piece of software can read. E.g. Sage Accounts.

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Data output for other software

We find that there are many times when customers need to get sets of data out of their systems in a pre-set format so that they can import them into another piece of software.

One common example of this is Sage accounts. Many of our systems include creating invoices, as these are a natural progression from enquiries and quotes through to jobs through to delivery through to invoicing. The invoices produced use information already contained within the system and so can be created very quickly in our database system, without having to re-enter any data. At the same time, clients use Sage to do their book-keeping and so need to maintain the Sales Ledger in Sage. In this case, we set up a very easy-to-use facility to export the sales ledger information from the Access system so that it can be imported straight into Sage.

Other proprietary systems for which we have produced files include QuickBooks and SAP, as well as websites, freight labelling and processing systems and many others. These files can be text files (.txt), comma-separated files (.csv), Excel files (.xls), fixed width files (.dat) and various others.

In a similar vein, we also often set up routines to receive data files from other software, including websites.

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