Benefits of using Microsoft Access 2016

There is very little difference between Access 2016 and its predecessor Access 2013. In fact Microsoft's own first statement for the differences is that 2016 has a colourful border. This hardly counts!

It then goes on to talk about the new Office-wide "Tell me" feature which appears at the top of the screen and allows you to type in what you are trying to do if and when you are still thwarted trying to find things on the Ribbons compared to the old (pre Office 2007) menu system. The symbol for "Tell me" is what looks like a noose, but we are assured is actually a light bulb.

The only other real area in which any progress has been made is in the area of Access Web Apps. These were introduced in Access 2013 and you can read a helpful summary of their great potential - particularly for combining online and offline use of a system - on our page about Access 2013. Unfortunately this feature was completely removed by Microsoft in April 2018 though.

Access 2016 can also be updated automatically to newer versions if acquired as part of the Office 365 subscription package.

(If you are considering Office 365 or would like to know more, click here.)

And just like in previous Access versions, you can create a database in Access 2016 and then give it to someone who doesn't own Access to use. All they need is the free Access 2016 Runtime installed on their computer.

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